One thought on “Survey for Artists

  1. Hey guys! This year’s event was a HUGE success for us! We will definitely plan on continuing next year & beyond.

    The only ways I personally feel Deluxe could be better is in a couple of areas;

    1, I feel like the event is big enough & there are enough vendors that it could be longer than just 11-5. I think it could be beneficial for a lot of the vendors if they could somehow set up the night before securely & run the bazaar from 9-7 or something to that effect. Even later if need be.

    2, It seems like the event is big enough to make it an even bigger event like pulling other areas of the local market into play. I could easily see Big Truck Tacos & similar businesses have their trucks set up all day with seating to sit & eat, picnic benches, whatever. I realize this would mean you’d have to hold it somewhere else, but maybe the OKC Framer’s Market could be a cool location, or somewhere similar.

    Along with those topics, a little more attention on possible entertainment booking could go a long way. That’s all that’s really missing to put Deluxe over the top, in my opinion. This is in no way to shadow what you guys have already accomplished! We were absolutely stoked about how things went for us & we dont have a single bad thing to say.
    In Norman, there was an ongoing at market called Dustbowl that has sort of fallen off the map it seems. We worked a few of those & they were rad. One thing they did well was setting up musical entertainment & booed really great local bands for it. It seemed to really help an evening turnout & seemed to help round out the attraction.

    If I can help you in any way in the coming year to make Deluxe even better than it already is please dont hesitate to ask. Massive Graphics has several resources we can deploy to help promote the event & we would possibly be interested in being a sponsor. We do apparel printing of all kinds & sign work as well. Feel free to contact me any time.

    Scott & the MG/Doin’ Fine crew.

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