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Guest Post from Hounds of the Heartland

We owe an incredibly huge thank you to Deluxe for highlighting our organization as the featured charity at the event this year. I arrived at Deluxe at 9:00am with chairs, raffle prizes, dog beds and signs in tow and was thrilled to see a little greyhound pen set up for us by the front entrance.

Thanks also to everyone who stopped by during the show to meet and pet the greyhounds. Many of you were impressed with how calm and friendly the dogs were, and how little barking and commotion they caused. We were busy during the entire event, answering questions and telling everyone about what great pets greyhounds make and how our adoption program works. Thank you to our amazing volunteers who picked up foster dogs and helped answer those questions, and to the Midtown Rotary for checking in on us and helping with set up!

I tweeted pictures of adoptable greyhounds during the show at @greyhoundpetsok. Polly’s cute Christmas pajamas sure got her a lot of attention!

One more round of special thanks to those local businesses and individuals who donated raffle prizes: Ashley Smith at No Regrets Tattoo, Deep Fork Group, Adrian Mix of Fried Okra, Jemellia Hilfiger of JemJam, and Robin Mead. We raised $200 that will help us with veterinary costs, food, and supplies for our foster greyhounds. Every greyhound that we are able to provide foster care for here in central Oklahoma gets lots of attention on our blog, website, and at show and tell events. When these dogs get adopted, we can bring in more of the retired racing greyhounds out there waiting for homes.

So far in 2011, we’ve adopted out 55 greyhounds. Two more potential adoptions are in the works thanks to some love connections at Deluxe. Thank you for your support, Deluxe, and thank you, Oklahoma City!

-Emily Williams, Hounds of the Heartland

Charity Profile: Horse Feathers Equine Rescue

Horse Feathers Equine Rescue provides shelter and assistance for horses in need throughout the state of Oklahoma. In addition to the loving care it provides for neglected, abused and unwanted horses at its facility in Guthrie, Horse Feathers coordinates programs that assist horse owners in need with essentials such as blankets and hay to help them through the hard winter months.
As the state’s only Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries-Verified horse rescue, Horse Feathers has been recognized for its excellence in equine sanctuary management and humane care of animals. GFAS sanctuaries have the highest credibility with donors, the media, and members of the public. This means that a donation is quickly put to use, covering essential expenses for the immediate veterinary, food and shelter needs of the horses in our care.
Our shelter is run exclusively by volunteers who donate long hours to the hard work of caring for these animals. We hope to find loving new homes for some of our horses, while many others are in “sanctuary” status, meaning that they’ll stay with us for life.
We have quite a range of animals at Horse Feathers, pedigreed Thoroughbreds to donkeys and just about everything in between. The one thing they have in common is that without the generosity of our volunteers, our sponsors, and generous supporters like you, their life’s stories would, by now, have come to sad ends.
Instead, these animals are cared for (and loved) by competent volunteers. This Saturday at Deluxe, we’ll give you more than just a chance to learn more about our operation and the wonderful animals in our care. We’ll give you the opportunity to give a very special Christmas gift to that little girl (or guy) who has everything—a gift neither you nor your child will never forget. Curious? Come visit us at Deluxe!

Featured Charity: Hounds of the Heartland

Hounds of the Heartland is a non-profit humane organization that finds loving, responsible homes for retired racing greyhounds and for young greyhounds not placed on the racetrack.

Our organization is run completely by volunteers who transport dogs from kennels, greyhound farms, and animal shelters; foster them in the Oklahoma City area; and do adoption outreach at petstores and events to increase the public’s awareness of what excellent, loving pets these noble dogs make.

Greyhounds are generally sweet, even-tempered dogs that love their humans and aim to please. They rarely bark, don’t shed a lot, and are notorious couch potatoes. Their laid-back demeanor means they are great family pets, apartment dogs, companions for the eldery, or mellow friends for working adults.

Missy, adopted 2011, outraces a mule

We’ll be selling raffle tickets for great prizes near the front entrace at Deluxe. The money raised at Deluxe all goes to support our foster greyhounds in the form of veterinary costs, food, medicine, and supplies. We usually have between 6-10 greyhounds available for adoption at any given time. There are always more greyhounds waiting for our foster spots, so if you are interested in adding a greyhound to your family we encourage you to read more about the breed and fill out an application. We hope you make time to stop by at Deluxe and meet your new best friend!

Charley, currently available for adoption

HOH is on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instragram, in addition to our official website and blog.

– Emily Williams

Featured Charity: Hounds of the Heartland

This year, we have selected Hounds of the Heartland Greyhound Adoption as our featured charity. They will be doing outreach and selling raffle tickets for great prizes near the front entrance at Deluxe.

Best of all, you’ll be able to meet the wonderful retired racing greyhounds who are available for adoption. You can learn more on their blog.

How’s your summer going?

Ours is busy with families, gardening, crafting, home improvement and dogs… one of us is looking to adopt a retired racing Greyhound! We are so excited about this- and there’s a surprising amount of anticipatory crafting happening.

Check out Hounds of the Heartland to learn more… once you meet these dogs in real life there’s no turning back.


After applying and getting our house approved, we welcomed a young dog who had her last race in April. She has had a busy month with traveling, spaying, trips to the vet for suture removal and now getting used to being the only dog.

We call her Vera.

She’s settling in and enjoying retirement. She has been here four days and we have not heard her voice yet. Hopefully she has nothing to complain about.

Making good use of the nap mat

Her hobbies include sleeping, rolling on her back in the backyard, and sniffing everything. She has not expressed anything other than passing curiosity about our chickens.

We were never “dog people” but once we read about the attributes of Greyhounds we had to look into the breed.

We were highly amused by the demeanor of her vet Dr. Chris Rispoli at Gentle Care Animal Hospital – you’d expect to have to hoist a dog up onto a table for suture removal, no? But Dr. Chris layed on HIS back on the floor, scooted under Vera like a mechanic and quickly snipped her sutures, so smoothly that she wasn’t inconvenienced in the least.

Now, maybe that’s just standard large-dog procedure, but we were impressed.

If you’re interested in meeting some Greyhounds to see just how mellow and sweet they are, check out this calendar for upcoming Hounds of the Heartland events.

While you’re at it, read about the dogs that are currently looking for their forever homes here.

Guest Post: ProjectOKC needs YOU!

ProjectOKC is a group of 400 online and offline friends committed to loving and serving Oklahoma City. We partner with non-profits, churches, schools, civic organizations, and businesses to bring good to the community.

We kicked off this grand experiment with four people on July 23, 2008 at Sauced in the Paseo over oversized slices of pizza. Seriously, four of us sat down, picked a place we’d want to volunteer the next week and planned it out. We ended up watching movies with a nursing home off of 23rd and MLK. We thought they’d choose Driving Miss Daisy, they chose Alien vs Predator. That was a fun evening!

People jumped in quickly, friends invited friends, family invited family, and after a bit there were too many of us to fit in the little room at Sauced. The solution was taking it all online and that’s when blew up. We became the social network for good in OKC, planning hundreds of volunteer opportunities for people to jump in on.

The group is great but we have more and more volunteer opportunities for people popping up all the time. What does this mean? WE NEED YOU! Your time is valuable, I get that, but it is so important to give back, to build the community, to show love to people to our city in a unique way.

How can you help right now? Simple, head over to, sign up, and RSVP for the various projects we have happening over the next few weeks.

Want to feed the homeless?

Join in on an old fashioned letter writing campaign to our politicians?

Help set up an art show for young/emerging artists?

Future events include walking dogs for The Humane Society, watching movies with senior citizens, creating art with kids who attend Edgemere Elementary. PLUS, if you have ideas it’s VERY EASY to suggest them and get involvement from people all around our city.

I love volunteering with ProjectOKC and I hope you’ll volunteer with us too!

Rex Barrett •

Got plans Saturday afternoon? Now you do!

This Saturday at IAO, join creative types for social art making, community crafting or just be inspired. Whatever you call it, this “Make It!” Day is a great opportunity to work around other creative types and cure your cabin fever.
The event is free, just RSVP on Facebook and bring your own supplies.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Paseo Arts Festival seeks volunteers

What are your plans for Memorial Day Weekend? Do they involve absorbing some creative energy and supporting your community? Join us in volunteering for the Paseo Arts Festival!

Register online – there’s something for everyone, even if you’re not the creative type – you can help with any of the multitude of tasks involved in putting on such a popular event. Many shifts are available, select what works best for you. The event runs May 28-30 in Oklahoma City.

We’ll see you there!

What’s good?

Hello Deluxe friends! We know you are aware of some amazing, progressive and creative things happening in our great state. Please tell us about them! We love guest bloggers, and would be happy to link back to your site.
Tell us your story! Email and include a couple photos of your topic and one of yourself if you want. Thanks for your contribution!

Community Profile: Easter Seals

What is your organization’s mission?
Easter Seals Oklahoma is committed to enhance the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities so they may live with equality, dignity and independence.

Who is your target population?
Oklahomans with disabilities.

What are the greatest needs you are seeing from your clients now?
Financial assistance is always the greatest need.

How do you meet these needs in our community?
Our programs include Direct Services, Medical Rehabilitation (including speech, physical therapy and occupational theapy), an Adult Day Health Center and an inclusive and intergenerational Child Development Program.

What volunteer opportunities do you have?
Volunteer in our Adult Day Center or Child Development Center to be a mentor, assist with art projects, read, partner with adults on field trips, lend professional expertise, Endless possibilities!