Monthly Archives: June 2011

How’s your summer going?

Ours is busy with families, gardening, crafting, home improvement and dogs… one of us is looking to adopt a retired racing Greyhound! We are so excited about this- and there’s a surprising amount of anticipatory crafting happening.

Check out Hounds of the Heartland to learn more… once you meet these dogs in real life there’s no turning back.


After applying and getting our house approved, we welcomed a young dog who had her last race in April. She has had a busy month with traveling, spaying, trips to the vet for suture removal and now getting used to being the only dog.

We call her Vera.

She’s settling in and enjoying retirement. She has been here four days and we have not heard her voice yet. Hopefully she has nothing to complain about.

Making good use of the nap mat

Her hobbies include sleeping, rolling on her back in the backyard, and sniffing everything. She has not expressed anything other than passing curiosity about our chickens.

We were never “dog people” but once we read about the attributes of Greyhounds we had to look into the breed.

We were highly amused by the demeanor of her vet Dr. Chris Rispoli at Gentle Care Animal Hospital – you’d expect to have to hoist a dog up onto a table for suture removal, no? But Dr. Chris layed on HIS back on the floor, scooted under Vera like a mechanic and quickly snipped her sutures, so smoothly that she wasn’t inconvenienced in the least.

Now, maybe that’s just standard large-dog procedure, but we were impressed.

If you’re interested in meeting some Greyhounds to see just how mellow and sweet they are, check out this calendar for upcoming Hounds of the Heartland events.

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