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Green Bambino to establish baby- and eco-themed art gallery at new location

Guest Post from Morgan Harris, owner of Green Bambino

Green Bambino recently announced plans to expand its store to more than 3,000 square feet. Its new store, formerly the Adobe Grill restaurant, will provide increased retail space, a classroom, meeting areas and more.

As part of our continued effort to support all things local, Green Bambino has decided to transform our classroom and main hallway space into art galleries featuring the work of local artists. Artwork would be taken on consignment. A consignment fee of 15% will be taken out of the final purchase price. Pieces need to be available for viewing for at least 60 days. We will choose pieces for display based on their contribution to our overall theme, eco-friendliness, and sales potential.

Green Bambino is a children’s specialty store focusing on cloth diapers and other eco-baby products. As such, we ask artists to consider a few criteria when selecting or creating artwork to be submitted to our gallery:

Our primary customers are parents of infants or toddlers looking for ways to reduce their families’ impact on the environment.
Our customers consider themselves frugal, so be aware of pricing.
Artwork should be family-friendly and appropriate for a baby’s room or any other room in the house.
Artwork must be made of non-toxic, baby –safe materials; i.e. no lead, toxic chemicals, or small parts that pose choking hazards.
Artwork will be displayed in areas that are accessible to children. Care will be taken when possible to hang items out of reach of little ones.
Since Green Bambino features eco-friendly products, we’d love to see creative pieces that upcycle, reuse, or reflect some kind of eco-friendly theme. All forms of media are encouraged.

We estimate we’ll be moving into our new space by early or mid-August. Tours of the new space can be arranged with plenty of notice.

This is a great way to reach a market not served by traditional art galleries. Your artwork will be prominently featured in store, in media stories, on Facebook, via email newsletters and any other way we can think of. We hope to establish a mutually-beneficial relationship with local artists of all kinds.

If you are interested in submitting artwork for our gallery, please call owner Morgan Harris at 405-848-2330 or email her at This is our first time establishing a gallery space, so please be flexible – we promise we will be, too!