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Share your Deluxe stories!

We love to hear about your Deluxe experience, and would be happy to include them on our blog. Got a gift exchange coming up? Take photos of people with their new Deluxe treasures!
Please email them to sara at deluxeok dot net.


It makes us so happy to hear about artists doing well at Deluxe! For lots of them, making and selling art is their job, so it’s important for them to bring home the bacon, so to speak. Here are some quotes from conversations, blogs and emails which have come in since Saturday.

“It was our best show ever!’

“Deluxe was beyond awesome! I have to say I feared for my life when those doors opened :)”

“… the Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar was RAD! Purely from a financial standpoint, even with the travel costs, it was the best show I’ve had this year. The most amazing part? It was only a six-hour event. Yep, I did better at this show than I did at a Black Friday, three-day weekend show. Unbelievable!”

“We had a great show- doubled my prior best show and tripled the sales from last year.”

“This was the most I have made at any craft show.”

“There was hardly ever a lull to restock anything! She had a great experience and made double her expectations , which is great! I know she will want to apply for next year too.”

We are so happy for you, artists! Keep up the good work!

The fun doesn’t stop

The joy of Deluxe won’t disappear just because the doors of the Centennial building have closed! We’ll continue to bring you updates on our artists, shoppers and nonprofits throughout the year, as well as profiles of the amazing things happening in OKC. Many Deluxe artists have already submitted their applications for the 2011 show and we’re brainstorming fun ways to make it even better for you, the shopper! First up? Organize that unruly line at the door! We had no idea there would be a stampede for those goodie bags – word is getting out about Deluxe!

We’re also thinking of more fun ways to get you involved in the Deluxe experience! For example, did you dance to the music? Did you have a cyclops portrait made? Did you pose for a photo? Vernon Deas of GroupFly Clothing did:

from So Darn Happy Photography
photo by So Darn Happy Photography

Please share your stories and images with us, and we’ll put them on our blog! Email with your Deluxe stories and photos.

Thank you, Oklahoma! (and Missouri, Kansas, Texas & Arkansas)

Wow! What a great show. Some very dedicated shoppers waited in the cold for the doors to open, and a steady stream came in all day. This was, by far, our best show yet! We will continue to grow each year.

If you drove from another state to shop or sell at Deluxe, please comment! We like to know where you’re coming from, and thank you for your enthusiasm!

Can’t wait for next year’s show? Go ahead and apply! Our applications are online now!

We also have sponsorship guidelines if you are interested in having your link on our sidebar, along with many other sponsorship opportunities. Thank you for supporting Deluxe artists!

Remember, the earlier you commit to a sponsorship, the more people will see your ad on our site!

Did you take pictures at Deluxe? Please join our Flickr group and share them! Over the coming days we’ll be sharing your images and stories of your Deluxe experiences. Have a great story to tell? Please email and we might put it on our blog.

Once again, thank you for shopping local and supporting Deluxe artists!

Community Profile: Keep It Local OK

What is your organization’s mission?
To give people the tools and incentives to locate and support local business.

Who is your target population?
Anyone who likes to eat and shop in Oklahoma!

What are the greatest needs you are seeing from your clients now?
The general public doesn’t have the time to research and seek out which businesses are locally owned and locally owned businesses don’t have the advertising budget of a large chain store. We want to help by providing an easy way to locate and support local business and by educating the public about why it is important to our community to spend local.

How do you meet these needs in our community?
We provide a directory of local businesses on our website that can be searched by category or location. Each business listed on our site has an individual profile page which includes all of their contact info, a summary of the business, and a map. We also introduced the Keep It Local OK Card – an easy and affordable way to reward the public for choosing to shop local.

Is there anything else you’d like shoppers to know?
Oklahoma has a outstanding local culture which offers many unique dining and shopping experiences but each of these local businesses relies on our continued support to be able to do what they do. It’s your life, your community, you decision.

Early birds get the bag!

The first 50 customers through the door on Saturday morning at 11:00 will get a Deluxe cotton tote bag, with treats inside including a Stampington magazine (publisher of all things Somerset!), a Gazette coffee mug, a JemJam key fob, a Deluxe magnet and sticker. Here’s a shot of the goods from Stampington:
We are thrilled with the support of such an admired crafting publisher. Stampington has also donated 10 sets of handmade papers suitable for mixed media artists and scrapbookers. The first 10 people to come to the Deluxe booth and say ‘I love Stampington!” will get a free pack of papers!

Your Deluxe Shopping Guide

Overwhelmed by the wall-to-wall awesomeness? We feel for you.

Here’s your handy shopping guide for Deluxe! We want you to know that you really can do ALL of your gift shopping at Deluxe tomorrow and even get some terrific goodies for yourself.

By Relationship:

Mom – Audrey Eclectic folk art paintings, Gypsy Bird Design bags, Pete and Paul home decor, ShannaRama pottery
Dad – MoviesArtwork by Felix Matos, Feral Glass art
Wife/Girlfriend – The Bungalow Studio home decor, Tina Julich handcrafted jewelry, Pop Whiz jewelry, Silk Metamorphosis scarves
Husband/Boyfriend – Custom T-shirt blanket from JDStar, Wrestling Wear Galore Luchador mask, Keep It Local discount card
Sister – Pippin + Pearl accessories, Sarus Design Art
Brother – Vadim Dozmorov graffiti art
Grandma – Hardcastle Folk Art, Kathy’s Treasures beaded ornaments
Grandpa – Samantha Lamb farm photography
Teenage cousins – Bad Tracey Watches with bands made of recycled bicycle tire, Lollywood jewelry, GroupFly Clothing t-shirts

Babies – Wear Me, Tweet Baby Designs, Julia Sews

Kids – FriedOkra sock monkeys, Booty-J Creations crochet accessories, Art by Bethany prints, Sugar Free Allstars DVD

Tweens – Pop Prints posters, Luksi Creations plush, DreamWrapper creations

Aunt – Goodies Unlimited soaps, Forever Tuesday ceramics, CJ Lampwork jewelry
Uncle – Sandstone Hills pottery
Coworkers – Tutti’s Gifts, Lollipops Sugar Shoppe treats
Babysitter – Mae Day Elements journals, SugarShack Beads jewelry

By Personality:

Revolutionary – Totally Maniacal zines, Skating Polly cd
Writer – Marigold Journals, Librus Manus handmade books, wonder love collective stationery
Creative Genius – Amity Treasures jewelry, Sheez Krafty lightswitch covers, The Mouse Market miniature food jewelry, The Roving Rabbit pottery
Business owner – Cooper Multimedia web design, Signs2UOK printed goods
Art collector – Tessa Raven Art, Spencer Tracy art,
Design snob – Green Couch Design potted succulents, Sabi Wabi temari balls
Fashionista – Bella Vita Jewelry, Feather by Feather hair accessories
College student – Rainbow Swirlz hoodies, hook line sinker jewelry
Party girl – Gleeful Peacock jewelry, Maggie May I jewelry, Tackyville pillows
Globe trotter – six30eight clothing, John Cox artisan jewelry, Funkybella map jewelry, Tomdpotter teapots
Tree Hugger – Brad Humphreys reclaimed furniture, Chaos Into Art accessories, Revamped Designs jewelry
Expectant mom – Tail Feathers Diapers, So Darn Happy photography session, Sugar Custom Cakes
– Gourds by Mardel birdhouse, Megan Raley Trophy Produce, Haley Luna Photography
Animal lover – Morian Art Pet Portraits

Artist Profile: Lollipops Sugar Shoppe

Company Name
Lollipops Sugar Shoppe

Artist Name
Tawnya Corrente

Product focus
All things sweet and sugary!!

Where did you learn this art or craft?
I started sculpting about 7 years ago… and went from polymer clay to fondant when my hubby went to cullinary school. He taught me everything I know!! 😉

What inspires you?
Bright colorful things… fun shapes, and of course new unique flavors

How do customers respond to your work?

Are you introducing any new products at Deluxe?
We will be showcasing our gingerbread houses… {premade and NON edible} And we will be taking orders for all of our yummy edible goodies!

How would you describe your previous experience(s) at Deluxe?
I have loved kicking off my Christmas shopping with Deluxe the past few years as a shopper…
I am soooo exicted this is my 1st year as an artist!!

What other artists are you looking forward to shopping from at Deluxe?
Im looking forward to checking out Craftyminx & the Pippin + Pearl girls, and I cant wait to meet and get to know all the other artists! 😉

Anything else you’d like shoppers to know?
I am so excited and honored to be apart of Deluxe this year!

Community Profile: Oklahoma Children’s Acting Guild

What is your organization’s mission?
Our mission is to reach out and share our love of theatre with the community.

What is your target population?
Children between the ages of 4 and 19.

How do you meet these needs in our community.
We provide a safe and friendly environment for children to learn and grow in theatre. We also provide entertainment for the community to enjoy and for the kids to have fun!

What volunteer opportunities do you have?
We have numerous volunteer opportunities available. Set design, costume design, advertisement, backstage work, ticket sales, concession sales and running the lights or sound for the performances.

Is there anything else you’d like shoppers to know?
The Oklahoma Children’s Acting Guild is a place to make friends and have fun. The whole family can be involved with the performances and the kids get the satisfaction of learning to mold their craft into something to be proud of.

Oklavision’s 2010 Opening Night promotion

Artist Profile: Haley Luna

Company Name
Haley Luna Photography

Artist Name
Haley Luna

Product focus
Framed and loose prints, postcards, and jewelry.

Where did you learn this art or craft?
I taught myself. I broke my leg many many moons ago, and I was pretty bummed out about it because we had a horse ranch, and I couldn’t do anything that I normally did like ride, run around with the animals, swim in the lake, etc.
My mom brought me a digital camera to inspire a distraction, so I began taking photos around the ranch and in the gardens. Once I was out of my cast, I’d walk around the lake every week or so for a few hours and divide time between taking photos of everything and catching tadpoles.
I realized that I could take a photo of an animal or plant instead of trying to describe it later, and I ended up hooked. As time went on, I outgrew the camera and bought one with more features. I followed that pattern for a few years and eventually ended up where I am now. I’ve been shooting on a “serious” level for about six years now (serious is a complete misnomer for me).

What inspires you?
This is a hard one to pin down; I feel constantly inspired by everything around me: the way the sun hits a blade of grass, a sound, patterns in nature, people I pass by and will likely never see again…I’ve always looked at the ground while I walked (this resulted in more than a few injuries as a child) and brought all sorts of things (tiny flowers, bugs, etc) to other people so they could enjoy them, too.
My family tells me that this is obviously what I was intended for. I think it’s partially because people tend to enjoy photos of critters rather than having them dropped into their hand as a “gift”.

How do customers respond to your work?
I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I shoot from a faery’s view; a lot of my work is macro (close up) nature, so I’ve quite a few shots of flowers and other tiny things displayed from the ground up. I’m fairly certain that it’s intended as a compliment, so I’ll take it as such!
I also shoot insects because I’ve always been a bug girl, and I just assumed that most people wouldn’t be very interested in hanging a spider or praying mantis portrait in their home or around their neck, but I was pleasantly surprised by the reactions when I first introduced some of my bugs at shows.
My jumping spiders sold completely out last year at Paseo, Plaza, and Deluxe. I’ve also been blessed to have so much positive interest in my Polaroid project over the past year, and I get so many messages from folks out there telling me that I inspired them to start using Polaroid either again or for the very first time.

Are you introducing any new products at Deluxe?
I’ll have my “normal” photography and also a few items from Polamour, the Polaroid a day project I started last December. Deluxe will be a few days from the one year anniversary (also my birthday!), and this is the first time I’ll be offering anything from the collection.

How would you describe your previous experience(s) at Deluxe?
I had a great time, but I was so busy that I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the booths/art of anyone else, save the one girl directly across from me who I traded necklaces with. All of the customers and other artists that came through my booth were delightful.

What other artists are you looking forward to shopping from at Deluxe?
Pretty much everyone! Last year was my first Deluxe, and I didn’t anticipate being so busy. Every time I was ready to step out the door to go visit the other booths, more people would come in, and I only had one helper most of the time, so I never actually made it very far out of my own booth except to run to the bathroom. I’ve got a game plan this year!

Anything else you’d like shoppers to know?
I adore and collect old cameras and manual focus Pentax lenses. I also shoot Polaroid at least once a day, so any of these things, as well as things you’ve made, are always absolutely welcome as trades for my work. 🙂