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Artist Profile: Feral Glass

Feral Glass

John Byrne

Product focus
Stained glass panels and garden art of glass and brass.

How did you learn these skills?
I am self taught. You can read my brief articles about the development of my techniques on my blog.

Anything you’d like shoppers to know?
I am new to Oklahoma, so my work will be new to most attendees.

Artist Profile: Hook Line Sinker

Company Name
Hook Line Sinker

Artist Name
Ashley Smith

Product focus
Jewelry made from recycled/vintage/used fishing lures and jewelry.

Where did you learn this art or craft?
Taught myself

What inspires you?
A love for fishing and the obvious beauty in a fishing lure.

How do customers respond to your work?
I was feature in Mood zine (an insert magazine in the daily Oklahoman) and have gotten a great response.

Are you introducing any new products at Deluxe?
Rose tie brooches (rose brooches made from vintage/used neck ties)

How would you describe your previous experience(s) at Deluxe?
This is my first year!

Anything else you’d like shoppers to know?
I can do custom work and pieces as well. I have had people approach me and had me make jewelry out of their family members’ lures or neck ties.

Artist Profile: Megan Raley

Megan Raley

Artist Name
Megan Raley

Product focus
“Know Your Food” is my theme for 2010. I focused the past couple of years on my Trophy Produce – fruits and vegetables mounted on plaques with their Latin and common names. I spun off from there with food-themed jewelry, hats, and a few other odds and ends shaped like edible things.

Where did you learn this art or craft?
I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and I’ve made custom beaded jewelry since 2000 (taught through the years by some very talented artists and small business owners). When it comes to knitting and crochet, I am self-taught and began in 2002.

Broccoli Trophy Produce by Megan Raley

What inspires you?
The inspiration for my Trophies initially came from my desire for kitchen-specific artwork. What better to hang on the wall in the kitchen than a testament to food? That combined with my frustration at the prominence of junk food culture, an appreciation of the sciences, and the Victorian-era flavor that’s had its hands in art and media for the past few years gave way to my first Trophy Eggplant.

How do customers respond to your work?
People tend to have one of two reactions to my Trophies: they either appreciate them enthusiastically…or they seem a little confused.

Chicken Hat by Megan Raley

Are you introducing any new products at Deluxe?
I will have a few chicken shaped hats (and maybe matching bags). Bok bok!

How would you describe your previous experience(s) at Deluxe?
This is my first year 🙂

What other artists are you looking forward to shopping from at Deluxe?
Bella Vita Jewelry and Pop Whiz!

Anything else you’d like shoppers to know?
My booth will probably feel more like an artist’s science fair submission than purely a place to do some holiday shopping. Come see me to learn the Latin name for a tomato (and maybe take it home with you!).

Find more insight into Megan’s art on her blog.

Deluxe raffles raise funds for ProjectOKC

With the generous donations of local businesses and Deluxe artists, Deluxe will hold raffles again this year during the show. Tickets can be purchased at Deluxe, and all proceeds will go directly to ProjectOKC, a service organization that meets the needs of many local people while enhancing our community spirit.

Examples of this year’s prizes include a Wagyu Wednesday dinner for two at REDPrime Steak, a free class at Oklahoma Quiltworks, and free passes to Science Museum Oklahoma. We will be assembling the prizes into themed packages, so if you win, you get a basket full of goodies! This is going to be awesome, folks, and it’s for such a great cause.

If you would like to donate items for the raffles, please email

Get your fix while you wait!

by DNA GalleriesThere’s no need to wait to support local artists, you can check out some amazing goods at many shops around town. One of our favorites is DNA Galleries in the Plaza District. Their t-shirt selection is fantastic – with the famous Oklahoma seal t-shirt by Bombs Away and the shop’s own Support Local Art design shown here, you can keep up with the rest of the cool kids.

Artist List will post Oct. 15

We are just as excited as you to see the final list of Deluxe 2010 artists! We are thoroughly examining each application and doing our best to bring you the most innovative, dedicated and unique artists. It’s a tough process, but it’s amazing to see all the talent and skill our applicants have shown. In less than a week, you’ll know who will be at Deluxe!

Nonprofits are a major part of Deluxe

Children will have lots of fun at Deluxe, thanks in no small part to many local and national nonprofit groups who host free kids’ art activities. If your nonprofit would like to recruit volunteers, share information and spread your message at Deluxe, please contact Sara (at) DeluxeOK dot net.